A dis­play of lim­ited selec­tion of fine art paint­ings.

The new Bamboo Gallery

A relaxed and inti­mate show­room on Ubud’s main street, Bamboo Gallery dis­plays a delib­er­ately lim­ited selec­tion of fine art paint­ings by impor­tant artist from Bali and beyond.

Visitors are invited to view the paint­ings at their leisure, requesting at the staff assis­tance of the gallery staff as desired .


“I spend ten years to ‘open the door’ of the Bamboo Gallery. I went to this peaceful place many times since 1991. I looked at the paint­ings and get power and inspi­ra­tion. I was so shy at this time. I started to show my work to Mr Koni in 1995. Finally he accepted my first work in 2001, The Old Man… and he said : ‘we will not sell this painting until you do a better one. The Old Man is your bridge… to get the next step.’ It was the begin­ning of a won­derful cul­tural and artistic rela­tion­ship. We let ‘The Old Man’ go in 2004, after many other paint­ings,”J-Philippe said.

With Reizka and Koni at the first Bamboo Gallery
With Reizka and Koni at the first Bamboo Gallery

J-Philippe’s paintings at the Bamboo Gallery.

You will find bellow a list of J-Philippe’s paint­ings that are actu­ally dis­played at the Bamboo Gallery.

Duality XIII :


Duality VIII :


Please con­tact the Bamboo Gallery for more infor­ma­tions about the rates and the fixed prices. .

How to visit the Bamboo Gallery ?

See the map of Ubud bellow:



Ask for Mr. Koni.

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