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31 May 2006

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Paintings in Bali by J-Philippe, CSIS 31 May 2006

Daniel Komala, Larasati auctioneers, Jakarta.

People say that great art is timeless. Its power transcends time to evoke emotions, tell a story, or merely inspire with its beauty. Question is, how do you identify today’s true artists, whose works will stand the test of time?

No amount of schooling can make an artist great. Anyone can learn about the techniques of the masters and no doubt many would become very skillful. But they will remain little else than clever jugglers of the brush if they fail to express their profound feelings on to their works. It’s not easy to become a true artist, let alone a master.

On this note, I can proudly declare that Philippe is a true artist who follows his inner urge, independent of fads and fashion. In fact, he has chosen a style that may appear to be somewhat too conventional for art in the new millennium.

Viewing Philippe’s works is like watching the presence of the past. By blending abstraction and realism, Philippe’s dream-like paintings of the land and people of Bali show purity and simplicity, a life without artifi ciality. His delicate style and elegant images at times mask his visions.

Through the figures in his paintings, J-Phillipe tries to evoke and elevate the human spirit, a quality that has no boundaries, nationalities or cultures.

Art is part magic and part science, part truth and part imagination. It is a form of communication that goes beyond language. It has not been exactly a smooth journey for Philippe as an artist, but today I believe Philippe’s art fits the bill.

Look at his works and feel them in your heart and mind. They are so warm, full of passion and compassion.

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