The oppening of the exhibition "PASSAGES".

By J-Philippe

31 May 2006

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Photo album and inter­view.

Preparations of the show­room at the CSIS building, on May 29th and 30th 2006, Jakarta:

The opening of the exhi­bi­tion "PASSAGES" with the ambas­sador of France, Mr Renaud Vignal, on May 31th, 2006:

The exhi­bi­tion:

Interview of Mr Ambassador of France :

His Excellency Mr. Renaud Vignal, Ambassador of France in Jakarta, inter­viewed at the opening of the exhi­bi­tion "PASSAGES", Jakarta, May 31st, (...)

Interview de Mr Suteja Neka :

Interview of Mr Suteja Neka, the owner of the Neka Art Museum :

Visit the Neka Art Museum on ligne.

A the Millenium hotel, Jakarta:

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