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9 February 2008

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If you don’t have the pos­si­bility to meet us at the J-Philippe’s Studio or at the Gallery, this is how we would like to help you to buy a J-Philippe’s art­work using this web­site.

1. Do the right choice. All of J-Philippe’s prints are pro­duced using the Giclée fine art printing pro­cess.

2. Click Contact J-Philippe button at the bottom of the article. Please use the form to send an email. Don’t forget to men­tion the title and the size of your print (see the tech­nique spec­i­fi­ca­tion para­graph), and your address. This is also a place to ask any ques­tions about pho­tograph­sand prints or about the artist, and then click Send button to email to our address.

3. When we get your email, we con­tact you to con­firm it and answer your ques­tions by email too. Based upon the data sub­mitted by you, we pre­pare infor­ma­tion on cost of the order, date and other terms of delivery.

Price list include worldwide free Express delivery.

4. We send you an email con­taining infor­ma­tion on mode of pay­ment and nec­es­sary details.

5. When receipt of the spec­i­fied amount of money to our account, we send you the pur­chased art­work.

6. Then, you will be enti­tled to a 3 days inspec­tion period, when you may con­firm by email the recep­tion and accep­ta­tion of the art­work or return the pur­chased art­work, if, due to some reason, you are not con­tented with it. We shall refund your pur­chase. [1]

Technique Specification:

About Giclée:

Giclée (pro­nounced "zhee-clay") is an extremely high quality ink-jet printing pro­cess that pro­duces beau­tiful dig­ital repro­duc­tions that last much longer than those pro­duced using tra­di­tional ’com­mer­cial’ printing tech­niques. For this reason, it is the printing tech­nique that we use for all our edi­tions.

This sophis­ti­cated repro­duc­tion tech­nology not only utilises more colours than reg­ular printing, but also has an unpar­al­leled vibrancy and detail. This is why Giclée printing is widely regarded as the very best fine art printing method cur­rently avail­able - and why it has been embraced by so many gal­leries, artists and museums as their pre­ferred method of art repro­duc­tion since its ’inven­tion’ in the late 1980s.

Quite simply, Giclée printing is best method of art­work repro­duc­tion cur­rently avail­able.

Our Printing:

We use an Epson Stylus PRO 9800 printer. Epson UltraChrome K3 ink with Vivid Magenta delivers stun­ning, photo-real­istic image quality. The 8-colour inkset has the widest pos­sible gamut, and you’ll see subtle shadows and high­lights when printing in black and white.

Our paper:

We use a glossy Professional Color Paper, 170 gr/m2 or a water­proof poly­cotton canvas 370gr/m2.

Please note

[1We provide a possibility to refund your money within 3 days, if, due to some reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase. This offer is valid within 3 days only from the date when you received the purchased artwork and informed us by email.
We shall refund the money, but we should receive the purchased good in its original condition, i.e. undamaged, and you shall pay full cost of sending the purchased good back to us. You also may exchange your purchased artwork with any other art work, and we will be happy to help you in choosing our best painting. We are sure, however, that you will be fully satisfied with your purchase and will need not use this service.

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