Duality XIX, Waves In The Sky

By J-Philippe

14 December 2011

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96,5 x 45.6 x 2,7 inches (trip­tych). Gouache, mixed media, gold leaf, on paper laid on canvas, 2008/2011.

Exhibition ’Rhapsody for the Otherness’, Singapore 2011.

Private col­lec­tion.

The unique hand carved teak wood frame with hand gilded gold leaf fin­ishing.

(see the making of the frame)

Wash, Texture and Drawing : left

Wash, Texture and Drawing : center

Wash, Texture and Drawing : right

The Cabinet

Having set­tled the trip­tych at the owner’s home,he asked me to com­plete it by a cab­inet in the same style. After sev­eral pro­jects before finding an agree­ment on one of the draw­ings, then the work of cab­inet itself including sculp­ture and gilding, over a period of 6 months, cab­inet finally took place under Duality XIX, Waves In The Sky in Jakarta.

Here are the images of the real­iza­tion, showing steps of the work and of course, the others during the set up in Jakarta:

The work, step by step:

During the set up at the owner’s home, Mr Daniel Komala, in Jakarta.

«We have turned our dream into reality ...» Daniel Komala, 8 October 2012.

  J-Philippe, Bali Archives Paintings (arch.) Duality XIX, Waves

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