Brocated Splendour

By J-Philippe

11 July 2005

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42 x 30.7 inches. Gouache, mixed media, gold leaf, on paper laid on canvas, 2005.

LARASSATI auc­tion, 24th July 2005, Jakarta .

Private col­lec­tion, Jakarta.

Wash, Texture and Drawing :

Brocated Splendour was pre­sented at the auc­tion LARASATI, 24 July 2009, Jakarta.
Published in the cat­a­logue of the sale under the lot number 112, this painting was esti­mated between 17 000 000 Rupiahs and 22 000 000 Rupiahs . The hammer price was 14 000 000 rupiahs.

Here’s a table which shows the pro­gres­sion of the quote at LARASATI [1]:

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[1Since Larasati’s first auction held on 30 April 2000 in Jakarta – Indonesia, the regional auction house’s reputation has grown rapidly for auctioning rare and emerging Indonesian as well as other Asian works at record prices. In 2003, Larasati marked a milestone in its pursuit to become a major player in the Asian market, with its entry into Singapore and becoming the first Asian-based auction house that crossed national borders.

Focused on featuring significant works of art and treating them as a kind of museum art, Larasati’s boutique collection platforms fine works by master artists from Indonesia, China, India, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and the Philippines. Beyond just merely a matter of buying and selling art objects, Larasati is driven to enhance the appreciation and development of art in Asia.

  J-Philippe, Bali Archives Paintings (arch.) Brocated Splendour

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