The Antidote

Phillip’s art is an antidote to the contemporary art.

Art criticism runs the same risk as a movie version of a novel - it hardly
ever lives up to the original.

Many of today’s art critics actually struggle to understand and interpret
the ’Not’ so contemporary looking art works. And yet in many cases, they
are the ones viewing and having to write about them.

The Western box in which artists and critics find themselves in has made
them tend to focus mainly on works that rebel against political
totalitarianism, even if the quality of the pieces is not particularly
much to talk about. As a result, a lot of artists have lost their ability
to express the spiritual reality of the society they live in that was the
hallmark of earlier traditional forms.

To me, Phillip’s art is an antidote to the hype that has sprung up around
contemporary art and the focus on eye-watering prices paid for many of
those mediocre pieces.

All the paintings in this exhibition are mounted on specially designed
carved frames by Phillip himself. In so doing, Phillip has in fact shown
the ability to find a good balance between complexity and
simplicity, while showing a deep understanding of human nature : love,
passion and compassion.

An artist’s greatest challenge is to find his own voice in an ocean of
millions, if not billions, other voices.

Everyone needs someone to look up to. One can be inspired and influenced
by others. But ultimately one has to sing one’s own song. On this note,
Phillip has found his.

Daniel Komala

One East Asia

Author : J-Philippe・ Monday 23 January 2012・ pas de commentaires