By J-Philippe

11 September 2011

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Monkey Forest Road, in Oakland, California is a com­bi­na­tion fur­ni­ture store, art gallery, and coffee bar.

You will find beau­ti­fully designed fur­ni­ture, extraor­di­nary jew­elry,
incred­ible art­works, and other unique acces­sories for the home. All items
are imported from Southeast Asia, mostly from Bali.

J-Philippe’s paintings at the ’Monkey Forest Road’ art Gallery and coffee bar.

You will find bellow a list of J-Philippe’s paint­ings that are actu­ally dis­played at the ’Monkey Forest Road’.

Duality XXIV :

Duality XVII :

Duality XI :

Duality V :

Passages XIX :

Flamboyant :

Please con­tact the Monkey Forest Road Gallery for more infor­ma­tions about the rates and the fixed prices.

How to visit the ’Monkey Forest Road’ Gallery ?

Address: 3265 Grand Avenue Oakland, California 94610.

See the map bellow:


Contact: Arnel Alcordo or Chris Cooper.

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