If you don’t have the possibility to meet us at the J-Philippe’s Studio or at the Gallery, this is how we would like to help you to buy a J-Philippe’s artwork using this website.

1. Do the right choice. This web site provides you an easy way to get all the ‘still available’ paintings in one click. Use the AVAILABLE link and get in one page all the links to available paintings.

2. Click Contact J-Philippe button at the bottom of the article. Please use the form to send an email. Don’t forget to mention the title of the painting and your address. This is also a place to ask any questions about the painting or about the artist, and then click Send button to email to our address.

3. When we get your email, we contact you to confirm it and answer your questions by email too. Based upon the data submitted by you, we prepare information on cost of the order, date and other terms of delivery.

4. We send you an email containing information on mode of payment and necessary details.

5. When receipt of the specified amount of money to our account, we send you the purchased artwork.

6. Then, you will be entitled to a 3 days inspection period, when you may confirm by email the reception and acceptation of the artwork or return the purchased artwork, if, due to some reason, you are not contented with it. We shall refund your purchase. [1]

For the sake of provenance, each painting by J-Philippe is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist indicating important details concerning the painting such as size, media, date and comments by the artist.

In addition on the backside of the certificate is a photo of the artist together with his painting. The complete certificate is laminated for protection.


Author : J-Philippe・ Sunday 10 February 2008・ pas de commentaires