A display of limited selection of fine art paintings.

The new Bamboo Gallery A relaxed and intimate showroom on Ubud’s main street, Bamboo Gallery displays a deliberately limited selection of fine art paintings by important artist from Bali and beyond.

Visitors are invited to view the paintings at their leisure, requesting at the staff assistance of the gallery staff as desired .

“I spend ten years to ‘open the door’ of the Bamboo Gallery. I went to this peaceful place many times since 1991. I looked at the paintings and get power and inspiration. I was so shy at this time. I started to show my work to Mr Koni in 1995. Finally he accepted my first work in 2001, The Old Man… and he said : ‘we will not sell this painting until you do a better one. The Old Man is your bridge… to get the next step.’ It was the beginning of a wonderful cultural and artistic relationship. We let ‘The Old Man’ go in 2004, after many other paintings,”J-Philippe said.

With Reizka and Koni at the first Bamboo Gallery
With Reizka and Koni at the first Bamboo Gallery

J-Philippe’s paintings at the Bamboo Gallery.

You will find bellow a list of J-Philippe’s paintings that are actually displayed at the Bamboo Gallery.

Duality XIII :


Duality VIII :


Please contact the Bamboo Gallery for more informations about the rates and the fixed prices. .

How to visit the Bamboo Gallery ?

See the map of Ubud bellow:



Ask for Mr. Koni.

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