After the Bath II

19.7 x 30 inches. Gouache, mixed media, gold leaf, on paper laid on canvas, 2008.

Collection of the Pasifika Museum, Nusa Dua, Bali.

Private collection, Bali.

Museum Pasifika is the home of an extensive collection of artworks from all over the Asian Pacific region.

It mission, to preserve and divulgate the diverse and multifaceted traditions of its people, as well as to put these side-by-side with significant oeuvres from the 20th century which communicate not only the perceptions of foreign artists travelling to this area of the world, but also the cultural "melting pot" originating from such exchanges.

After The Bath II is a part of The Pasifika Museum Collection and is actually shown in the room IV that features works by important french artists, such as Gabrielle Ferrand or Aloi Pilioko .


After The Bath II with the model, Reizka, at the Pasifika Museum
After The Bath II with the model, Reizka, at (...)
With Philippe Augier, the owner of the Pasifika Museum
With Philippe Augier, the owner of the (...)

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Wash, Texture and Drawing :

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